Saturday, April 30, 2011

New stuff, new motivation =)

Having the opportunity to travel to Paris, I've decided to check out some of the local climbing store around Paris. With some googling, I found a store in Sorbonne called Aux Vieux Campeur. Getting there is quite easier as I take Metro Line 10 to Cluny La Sorbonne. From that station, I get to 48 rue des Écoles 5e, Sorbonne, Paris.

On the way to the store, I stumbled upon Université Paris-Sorbonne which reminds me to the great Indonesian movie called "Laskar Pelangi". It is a movie about hopes and dreams of poor kids struggling to get a formal education. From that movie you can see the discrimination of education towards who can afford it. But in the end, one of the kids managed to further his studies and step into Université Paris-Sorbonne and came back to give back the favor for his country.

As I walk alongside university's building, and I continue my journey as pedestrian, I managed to find Aux Vieux Campeur's store. Now that I realized that along the street, there are three Aux Vieux Campeur store. One store specifically sell backpack, sandals, and shoe for traveller, another one is for underwater gears, and the last one at the street, a three-storey building sells climbing and skiing gears, from climbing shoe to quickdraw, bouldering mattress to alpine axe, crampons, just name it.

As for me, after seeing all those gears, I have to do some calculations of plus and minus and I've decided to get five quickdraws, two carabiners, one harness and one ATC belay device. That wasn't a bad purchase after all, since the price is quite cheaper than in Malaysia. With all those gears, now I can extend my climbing to the next level. :)

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