Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Book] Spark Your Dream

A true story about a couple who make a life decision to leave everything behind and pursue their dream of traveling to Alaska from Argentina with their 1928 Page-Graham automobile. Most of the story in this book is about travel, meet new people, catch the dream, karma, hardship, friendship, fear, happyness, family and everything about life.

This book is interesting. Their journey and experience is interesting. But what makes it more interesting is, it reminds me back all the step that I take and experience during my travel and life. Making decision. Fear of making decision. To plan is easy, but to start the implementation is hard, full of doubt, fear of uncertainty and scared of the future, what it'll become, and how should I encounter that. This situation cater all aspect of life, whether you're going for dream travel, starting a dream business, applying for dream job, or accomplishing any dream of your life. The goal is not the most important, but what you learn and experience along the way to reach the goal is the most important.

It tells you a story, where normal people like us, doing normal routine like us, having fear and doubt like us, taking a big step in life, out of their comfort zone, to reach their dream, where most people will just make their dream wandered around their head and being satisfied without reaching it.

Another thing that special about this book is, how it was handed from one owner to another. This book was given to my best friend when he studied in Turkey, and then he give the book to me as a present before I went for travel in New Zealand. Now the book was handed to an avid traveler from Spain, named Jose Cabanas when he CouchSurf at my house. Each time the book was handed to one another, a note will be written on the first page of the book (such as name, country, etc) so that the future owner will know where and how the book is moving from one place to another place. It'll be a big surprise if someday the exact same book return to me with my note written on it.